May Pool Events

Pool Events

The Dash for Cash commences on Sunday the 13th of May with two more heats in June and July, this is a 50m swim with swimmers nominating times (this must be under 40s), the winner being the closest to their times (swimmers are disqualified if they break their time by more than 1 second).  There is a $50 RSL voucher for heat winner and $200 for the overall winner of the final.

The relay knock out consists of both a 50m and 30m swimmer, who nominate a time. Two teams then compete against each other with one team eliminated, they cannot break their nominated time by 1 or more seconds.  There are normally 3 rounds with the finals held in September.

Anyone interested in competing in these events should see Tony Buchan

There is also a 100 m nearest the time swim, see Michael Berridge for this event.