Welcome to the Dee Why Ice Picks Winter Swimming Club.

The start of the winter swimming gets closer with the first swim to be on the 11th of April and at this stage it looks like it will be close to a normal season and hopefully this will include going back to the DY Surf Club after our swim.
The Dee Why Ice Picks enters its 60th season in 2021 and will celebrate that significant milestone later this year. The club welcomes men and women of all ages to enjoy the bracing and invigorating experience of swimming in the cooler waters of winter at the Dee Why Rock Pool. every Sunday from the week after Easter to the end of September starting from 9.30am.
The swimming is followed by a brunch and prize giving each Sunday at the nearby Dee Why Surf Club.
We conduct 30 and 50 metre races under handicap starts every Sunday, so no matter how fast or leisurely your pace is you can be a winner at the Ice Picks. It is about camaraderie, competition, conversation and conviviality at the Ice Picks, so come along and enjoy some great fun,  swimming and friendship at the Ice Picks.
The fees this year will be $10 for the season with a $2 fee for each swim and hopefully raffles and prizes at the Surf Club.  Schedule for the season can be seen by clicking on the link below. There are also swim events on the schedule but these may change as we go through the season.
The Handicapper has asked us to remind you to get your names in as close to 9.30 as possible and also remember that we need assistance to get the lane ropes in and out each week.
Looking forward to a great year.

For our revised 2021 schedule please click here