Welcome to the Dee Why Ice Picks Winter Swimming Club.

Hosts of the 2023 Australian Winter Swimming Championships, to be staged at the Warringah Aquatic Centre  on Sunday 17 September 2023


Proudly supported by Northern Beaches Council, Dee Why RSL, Smart Boating and Goodradigbee Distillers Brookvale
The Dee Why Ice Picks are one of the longest established and storied winter swimming clubs in Australia  having been established in 1961.
For the first time in the six decade history of the Ice Picks we will be hosting The Australian Winter Swimming Championships in September 2023.
As a sub-club of the Dee Why RSL, the Ice Picks enjoys the support of the Club and it is a key sponsor of the 2023 Australian Winter Swimming Titles.
Thanks also must go to Northern Beaches Council, Smart Boating  and Goodradigbee Distillers  as our key partners in the Championships.
The 2023 Australian Winter Swimming Championships will be staged across the weekend of the 15-17 September on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney, with the swim meet set to be staged at the Warringah Aquatic Centre at Frenchs Forest ion Sunday 17 September.
Ahead of the swimming competition on Sunday, competitors and supporters are invited to enjoy the Friday welcome event at Dee Why RSL in the Courtyard from 5pm to 7pm.
On Saturday 16th September participants will also have the chance for a welcome splash at the traditional home of the Ice Picks, the Isa Wye pool at Dee Why Point from Midday to 2pm. Following that a special tasting event will be held at the Goodradigbee Distillers tasting room in Orchard Rd Brookvale from 3pm to 5pm.
Following the Carnival on Sunday afternoon, the official presentation and lunch will be hosted in the main auditorium at where competitors will be able to celebrate  a great weekend of swimming and camaraderie.


The cost for  the weekend will be $55 which includes entry to the pool and the presentation and lunch, as well as the Welcome function (drinks at club prices), the welcome splash and the Goodradigbee tasting event.
Competing Clubs are urged to book and pay for their contingents as early as possible.
We ask that you pay by EFT  by  depositing to
Dee Why Ice Picks
ANZ Bank
Acc No. 333 221 215 BSB 012 280


eg. DY ice Picks 25.
Without this information it will be difficult to trace deposits. can we also ask that you send a confirmation email to treasurer@dyicepicks.com.au and we will send you a confirmation email
The club has also come up with a great range of merchandise and apparel which you can inspect and order direct from  the website here
The Dee Why Ice Picks is in its its 62nd season in 2023 and if you have ever wanted to swim in a national championships, then why not make  make the leap and get involved by joining the club to either be a swimmer or an official at the 2023 Australian Championships.
The club welcomes men and women of all ages to enjoy the bracing and invigorating experience of swimming in the cooler waters of winter at the Isa Wye Dee Why Rock Pool. every Sunday from the week after Easter to the end of September starting from 9.15am.
The swimming is followed by a brunch and prize giving each Sunday at the nearby Dee Why Surf Club.
We conduct 30 and 50 metre races under handicap starts every Sunday, so no matter how fast or leisurely your pace is you can be a winner at the Ice Picks. It is about camaraderie, competition, conversation and conviviality at the Ice Picks, so come along and enjoy some great fun,  swimming and friendship at the Ice Picks.
The fees this year will be $10 for the season with a $2 fee for each swim and hopefully raffles and prizes at the Surf Club.  Schedule for the season can be seen by clicking on the link below. There are also swim events on the schedule but these may change as we go through the season.
The Handicapper has asked us to remind you to get your names in as close to 9.30 as possible and also remember that we need assistance to get the lane ropes in and out each week.