About Us

The Dee Why Ice Picks was established as a winter swimming club in 1961 by a band of mostly Dee Why Surf Lifesavers and devoted local surfers who realised the water in the Dee Why Rock Pool was just as inviting and invigorating in winter as it is in summer.

Through more than five decades members of the Dee Why Ice Picks have taken the plunge every Sunday morning from Easter until the October Long Weekend.

At 9.30am each Sunday the members gather to contest 30 metre and 50 metre handicap races before adjourning to the Dee Why Surf Club for brunch.

The Dee Why Ice Picks is a proud sub-club of the Dee Why RSL Club.

Each year the Ice Picks takes a contingent to the Australian Winter Swimming Championships as well contesting the North Side Shield, an inter-club contest fought out by several other northern beaches winter swimming clubs and the Newcastle based Merewether Mackerals.

New members are always welcome.